Automated Conversion Tools: Available Off-The-Shelf

Unlike the competition, our standard Conversion Tools are available for immediate delivery with expert technical support, if needed. Our automated software conversion tools were designed to be fully integrate with the Microsoft Visual Studio environments. They generate error messages that are compatible with the Microsoft IDE. If you are familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio then you know how to run the translator. If not, here is how you begin. The translator outputs code in the user's selected target language (C, C++, C#, Java, J#) that is ready to be tested with the user's target compiler. We currently offer off-the-shelf translation tools for a variety of languages and dialects.

ASSEMBLY Data Sheets


AVR, ASM 51, ASM 96, ASM 360, ASM 370, ASM 390, ASM 68k, ASM 680xx, ASM 86, MASM, Power,PowerPC, RASM/ASM68xx, TASM, HLASM, HP 6400 ASSEMBLER 8088/8086, HP B1449 ASSEMBLER 8086/80186 , Systems Engineering laboratories Assembly

PASCAL Data Sheets


Borland Turbo Pascal version 3.0, Borland Turbo Pascal version 7.0, Microsoft Pascal, HP-UX Pascal, Oregon Software Pascal, VAX Pascal, Modula 2 Pascal, TI Pascal, Object Pascal, SVS Pascal, Workshop Pascal (Macintosh), Sun Pascal, HP Pascal/64000, IBM AIX Pascal, Tektronix Pascal, Delphi Pascal

COBOL Data Sheets



PL/I Data Sheets


PL/C Cornell University, PL/I for IBM series 1, PL/I - D IBM PL/I subset, PL/I - F IBM full language, DRI PL/I - D Digital Research subset, IBM optimizer PL/I - DOS, IBM optimizer PL/I - OS, ANSI X3.7-1987 PL/I subset, ANSI X3.53-1976 / ISO 6160-1979 PL/I, Prime PL/I, Stratus PL/I, Data General PL/I, VAX PL/I

PL/M Data Sheets


PL/M 51, PL/M 80, PL/M 86, PL/M 96, PL/M 186, PL/M 286, PL/M 386

Translation Studio® Data Sheets


Automation tool to accelerate translation. allow translation multiple File and using Multiple Translator , Translate automatically Include(copy) files. can be used with the above translator families.

Custom Source Language

If you do not see your source code dialect on our list of standard translators, we may be able to customize the front end one of our standard tools to accommodate your specific dialect. In fact, many of our current, off-the-shelf products were initially developed as customized products for other customers. Give us a call or send us a small sample of your code so we can estimate the modification costs involved in creating a translator that will work for your source code.

Custom Target Language

If you do not see your desired target language (C, C++, C#, Java, J#) on our list of standard translators, we may be able to modify the back end of our translator to output your target language. Give us a call or send us a sample of your target language, BNF syntax of the target language, or the programmer manual for the user language so we can estimate the modification costs involved in creating a translator that will output the language you need.

Database and Data File Conversion Services

We offer database conversion services to move your data files to other formats. We have proprietary tools that allow us to read your data files, to extract the data, and to export the data to the new format. Please contact us if you want a quotation for a specific data conversion project. We support data conversion from many computer languages, i.e. Cobol, Assembly, PL/1, Pascal, etc.