The MPS Advantage

  • Save Time & Money
  • Reduce Error Rates
  • Maintain Security & Control Over Your Applications
  • Build Resident Migration Expertise
  • Guaranteed Translation Success
  • A Known and Trusted Provider
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use

  • Save Time and Money

    Unlike the manual coding process (either internally- or consultant-led) which could take upwards of two man-year and cost of thousands of dollars to convert just 100,000 lines, our tools allow your team to translate millions of lines of code in approximately one hour with little or no knowledge of the source language, and without the need for expensive outside consultants.

    To the extent that you want to outsource part of your translation process, MPS can provide you with translation and verification services. However, if you would prefer to outsource your entire translation process, the use of one of our translators by your IT consultant can save you significant time and money in relation to manual translation. IT consultants purchase a number of our tools on behalf of their clients, and we are happy to work with them to get you the best translation results possible.

    Software Conversion Service Cost-Benefit Ratio (CBR) Analysis

    Comparative Benefit Ratio to convert or rewrite 100,000 lines of code using conversation service


    Automatic Translation Service $0.20 per line, $20,000

    Manual Translation @ $12.00* per man-hour, $48,000

    Comparative Benefit Ratio(CBR)


    2 weeks

    2 man-years or 104 man-weeks


    Total CBR




    * Lowest world-wide hourly rate for an experienced software engineer.

    Software Conversion Tools Cost-Benefit Ratio (CBR) Analysis

    Comparative Benefit Ratio to convert or rewrite 100,000 lines of code using conversion tools


    Automatic Translator unlimited lines

    Manual Translation @ $12.00* per man-hour

    Comparative Benefit Ratio(CBR)


    4 weeks (1 month)

    2 man-years or 104 man-weeks


    Total CBR




    * Lowest world-wide hourly rate for an experienced software engineer.

    Reduce Errors

    We offer translation tools for the widest possible variety of source codes and dialects anywhere, allowing us to "translate" the insights and refinements we gain from each individual tool to our entire product suite. And, unlike other tools currently available on the internet, our automated translation tools have been refined over the past 31 years, across millions of lines of customer code, resulting in an error rate that is similar to or lower than manual translation (lower than 5%). In addition, since most errors caused by automatic translation are systematic, verification and debugging are significantly simpler and faster than for manual translation processes.

    Maintain Security and Control Over Your Applications

    We know that the security and integrity of your applications are of the utmost importance, and our migration solutions allow you to keep the translation process in-house, but avoid the excessive cost and time required for manual translation. In our experience, even clients with strong internal software engineering capabilities need help with translation, while verification, testing and debugging can often be handled internally. Our tools allow your internal team to conduct the translation process automatically - in a matter of hours - with little or no knowledge of the source language, and without the need for expensive outside consultants. Most of our tools come with several hours of customer support built-in, allowing your team to get expert advice directly from our migration specialists, though it is rarely necessary.

    Many of our clients have specific government clearance or corporate security requirements, which we are generally able to accommodate. All of our products are developed in the U.S., and all work is performed by U.S. citizens.

    Build Resident Migration Expertise

    Unlike other third-party-led migration efforts, our tools allow your employees to perform most of the migration themselves (with our assistance, as necessary). This means that your employees will be better-equipped to address any implications of the migration down the road, as well as any new migration challenges that come up within your organization, themselves, with less need of outside assistance.

    Guaranteed Translation Success

    We fully guarantee our translation tools. If, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with the output of the tool you purchased, we will credit the full value of the purchase price towards our translation and verification services to get you the results you need.

    We are specialists in the creation of new, automated tools for our clients, and many of our current off-the-shelf products were initially built as custom products. If you do not see your source or target language or dialect represented, we may be able to customize one of our pre-existing products to meet your needs, or to provide custom translation services.

    A Known and Trusted Provider

    Micro-Processor Services, Inc. has been providing legacy software translation tools and consulting since 1976. We service only those companies that have the most exacting requirements for security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, including various U.S. government agencies, the military, all of the leading aerospace and defense contractors, and hundreds of publicly-traded technology, telecommunications, industrial and manufacturing companies (please see our extended customer list). In addition, many of our biggest clients are IT consultants who purchase our tools on behalf of their clients.

    Simple and Easy-to-Use

    Our automated translation tools were designed to be fully integrate with the Microsoft Visual Studio environments. They generate error messages that are compatible with the Microsoft IDE. If you are familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio then you know how to run the translator. If not here is how you begin.