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We convert 1,000,000 lines for $5,000
if standard tool without modification can be used.
Convert all your source code yourself for $875.00

Converting Legacy Mainframe & Embedded Applications to C, C++, CPP, C#, CS, JAVA, VB, Structured Text (ST), .NET


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Source to Source Conversion to: C , C++, CPP, C#, CS, JAVA, Structured Text, ST, VB
Conversion Tools from the following input languages:

IBM REXX Converter Translator


Atmel AVR Assembly Converter Translator
Intel ASM51 Assembly Converter Translator
Intel ASM96, ASM196 Assembly Converter Translator
Encore Assembly Converter Translator
Gould Assembly Converter Translator
MSP430 Assembly Converter Translator
SPARC assembly Converter Translator
Zilog Z80 Assembly Converter Translator
Zilog Z8000 Assembly Converter Translator

Standard Conversion Tools Prices*

U - 12-1 (Unlimited lines, 12 months single-user license, royalty-free, 1 month support): $875.00.
U - 12-12 (Unlimited lines, 12 months single-user license, royalty-free, 12 months support): $1275.00.
*If standard tool without modification can be used.
*Because of one time use of tools no returns on standard tools.

Custom Conversion Tools Are Available

UC - 12-12 (Unlimited lines, 12 months single-user license, royalty-free, 12 months support): Contact us with source code sample for price quotation.

Standard Conversion Services Prices*

Service Price
Price per line $0.05 (5 cents) per line; call for volume discount price as low as $0.005 If standard tool without modification can be used
Add per source file translated $10.00 per file
Add per include file (copy file) translated $15.00 per file
Minimum Order $375.00 **
*All prices, products and services are subject to change without notice.
** For Easy Language translations to "C#" there is no minimum order price.


  • Simple to use, automated process
  • Translation of source program fragments
  • Translation of INCLUDE or COPY files
  • Translation of source program directives
  • Support for card format input
  • Extensive error checking diagnostics
  • Accurate translation
  • Run time interface
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with many compilers
  • Translates include or copy files on the fly
  • Moves nested procedures
  • Completes unqualified structure members
  • Flags source program syntax errors in listing file
  • Outputs ANSI C, C++ CPP, C#, CS, JAVA, VB, ST(structured Text)
  • Generates translation files with comments logically placed
  • Includes skeletons in target language of runtime support functions
  • Provides a list of implicitly declared variables in each module
  • Has a by-pass capability that allows translation even with syntax errors in the input file
  • Converts source program to target language so you can move your program to other processors
  • Translation may be done in an editor environment with error message capability using "Brief" or any editor that is supported
  • Flags syntax errors and generates listing file with levels for include files
  • Can translate very large source files (more then to 500,000 lines per file)