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Source to Source Translation
Conversion Tools from the following input languages:
Conversion Tools to the following target or output languages:
C , C++, CPP, C#, CS, JAVA, Structured Text, ST, VB

Standard Conversion Tools Prices*

U - 12-1 (Unlimited lines, 12 months single-user license, royalty-free, 1 month support): $875.00.
U - 12-12 (Unlimited lines, 12 months single-user license, royalty-free, 12 months support): $1275.00.

Custom Conversion Tools Are Available

UC - 12-12 (Unlimited lines, 12 months single-user license, royalty-free, 12 months support): Contact us with source code sample for price quotation.

Standard Conversion Services Prices*

Service Price
Price per line $0.05 (5 cents) per line; call for volume discount price as low as $0.005
Add per source file translated $10.00 per file
Add per include file (copy file) translated $15.00 per file
Minimum Order $375.00 **
*All prices, products and services are subject to change without notice.
** For Easy Language translations to "C#" there is no minimum order price.


  • Simple to use, automated process
  • Translation of source program fragments
  • Translation of INCLUDE or COPY files
  • Translation of source program directives
  • Support for card format input
  • Extensive error checking diagnostics
  • Accurate translation
  • Run time interface
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with many compilers
  • Translates include or copy files on the fly
  • Moves nested procedures
  • Completes unqualified structure members
  • Flags source program syntax errors in listing file
  • Outputs ANSI C, C++ CPP, C#, CS, JAVA, VB, ST(structured Text)
  • Generates translation files with comments logically placed
  • Includes skeletons in target language of runtime support functions
  • Provides a list of implicitly declared variables in each module
  • Has a by-pass capability that allows translation even with syntax errors in the input file
  • Converts source program to target language so you can move your program to other processors
  • Translation may be done in an editor environment with error message capability using "Brief" or any editor that is supported
  • Flags syntax errors and generates listing file with levels for include files
  • Can translate very large source files (more then to 500,000 lines per file)